About us

Left unchecked, political risks can frustrate even the brightest business goals. We believe that in order to anticipate and manage such risks with transparency, stakeholders must be presented with fact-based, accurate information on the underlying issues. To facilitate this, we articulate comprehensive summaries on risk factors, effectively conveying them to the relevant actors and promoting information exchange between them and our clients.

Similar post-war developments in the CEE countries gave rise to a common cultural background throughout the region. Today, the region’s nations have identified their own priorities founded on these shared characteristics, and started to act accordingly within the EU decision-making process to advance their economic agendas.

In order to leverage the collective power of these EU member states to nurture regional enterprise, businesses are faced with the task of navigating a patchwork of corporate and political networks, decision-making cultures and national positions on various issues. The complexity of the area’s geographic characteristics quickly makes this a deeply resource-intensive process.

We possess the background knowledge needed to efficiently articulate statements that unite the CEE countries, as well as their economic actors, with transparency and accountability. Our approach outlines and executes a strategy at a cost proportionate to our clients’ investments in the countries that they are doing business in.

The solutions we provide draw on our experience in local public administration and business consulting, to anticipate and mitigate policy risk and actively enable the growth of regionally-operating enterprises. We are proud of the successes we’ve helped our partners achieve both regionally and in the EU decision-making process.

While every strategy is customized to the defined problem, our working methodology ensures that all of our outputs are verified and well-documented. This approach is key to the PRM-CEE client experience and central to our professional philosophy — whether we are developing personalized newsletters on a topic or conducting a cross-border public policy campaign.