Our services

Our company delivers a holistic suite of services, encompassing tailored monitoring and customized updates on political, regulatory, and policy shifts. We furnish strategic counsel to our clients regarding prevailing EU and national legislation, while also crafting detailed evaluations of political risks and various conditions impacting our clients’ business activities.

Public policy and government affairs

Fast-changing political and regulatory developments can frustrate even the brightest business goals. Decision-makers need timely, fact-based, and insight-driven analysis and custom-fit strategic advice to understand and mitigate political risk factors. We translate evolving government priorities into the language spoken in global boardrooms, and we assist clients in crafting and articulating their messages towards key stakeholders, enabling them to shape relevant policies.

We apply a process-driven approach building on reliable intel and data-heavy analysis to deliver effective engagement strategies conveying key messages to decision-makers.

Outsourced diplomacy

Considering current global and regional political and economic developments, we believe that there is a strong case for countries outside the EU to explore opportunities for an enhanced presence and foreign policy engagement in the CEE region. In addition to attaining regional aims, establishing a stronger presence in CEE may also serve as a stepping-stone to pursuing wider EU-level objectives.

CEE is an ideal target for such ambitions, as local state governments are generally open to forming alliances outside the EU. Leveraging the decade-long diplomatic experience of our team, PRM-CEE has developed a pragmatic working method that enables our clients to achieve their goals in a structured and transparent way.