Core values

As public policy professionals, we affirm that there is no public policy without ethics. Our work has the potential to influence governmental policies, economies and individuals. As such, we have a responsibility to craft solutions in a professional manner and with the utmost integrity.

Our daily business activities are guided by the following principles:


We work in compliance with anti-corruption laws and regulations. We refuse engagements aiming at bribery, corruption or illegal action in any way, including payments to influence government decisions or processes.


We ensure that communications from our side are objective, fact-based and accurate, living up to the standards of the public policy profession. We strive to uphold an unbiased, ethically sound approach in all of our business activities.


We are transparent in our discussions with both clients and government representatives. All of our engagements are thoroughly documented and immediately shared with the relevant parties.


In addition to our unwavering commitment to accountability, we are dedicated to providing responsive and reliable service to meet our clients’ needs.

Best-in-class practices

Continuous study of legislative, political and economic developments, public policy and public affairs is part of our everyday work. We are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest in political communication and digital and social media tools to provide our clients with effective, contemporary solutions.